AIST have been working on information infrastructure that leads to the efficient utilization of life science data.

 What is the Life Science Database Integration Project?

This project promotes research and development required for integrating life science databases which are created by various organizations. By doing so, the project aims at that the research results in life science in Japan will be shared and utilized broadly by research communities and that life science as a whole will be active. In the project, four focused areas have been given, namely, “strategy planning”, “construction and maintenance of portal sites”, “research and development of database integration technology”, and “promotion of biology-related database integration”. Among those, an infrastructure technology development program has been given for “research and development of database integration technology” and an integration promotion program has been given for “promotion of biology-related database integration”. Many organizations participate in those programs, carrying out advanced research.

Please refer to Bioscience Database Center ( for the details.

 About this site

This site is managed by Molecular Profiling Research Center for Drug Discovery (molprof), AIST

2018/11/1 Prediction of RNA 3D Structure and RNA-RNA/Protein Workflow released
2018/04/11 Add nucleic acid drug data to RDF endpoint
2017/12/20 WEB analytical services have ended.
2017/09/01 SSL / TLS supported
2016/04/28 Structure Prediction Active Workflow released
2015/07/31 KNIME nodes were updated
2015/07/28 owl for SADI was renewed
2015/07/27 KNIME verion was updated
2014/02/13 SADI user manual (SIO version) and SPARQL Query sample manual were released
2014/02/13 SADI services (SIO version) (service URLs and RDF files) and error handling descriptions were added
2014/02/13 Active Workflow node and error handling descriptions were added
2013/12/27 Molecular Simlation Active Workflow improved
2013/12/16 Reporting functionality added to Active workflow PhylogeneticTree
2013/09/17 Active workflows combination type updated
2013/04/22 Some nodes for services of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Protein Structure Prediction Active workflow released